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Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Puppy!

Time to Explore . . . . 

         How would I decide what type of dog I wanted to join our 
            family?  That is the question I asked this month.
                  Did I want a big or small dog?
                  Did I want a puppy or one from an animal shelter?
                  What about friendliness?   barking?  potty training?
                  Grooming is a biggy.  Female or male?
            There are sooooo many dogs out there to choose from.
                   I like to walk - and I wanted a dog to walk with me. . .
                           not be carried.
                   I wanted a smart dog.
                       (It remains to be seen whether it will outsmart me.)
            After a lot of research on line; newspaper inquiries, and   
            talking to others, I decided on. . .a standard poodle puppy. 
      (Actually, it is black and one, so it is called a party poodle and it's name is Jasmine.)
      In honor of my new puppy,  
      here are some sayings you may have heard.

            A dog is a man's best friend.
            Dog spelled backwards is God.
            He's in the 'doghouse' for what he did.
            She worked like a 'dog'.
            It's raining 'cats and dogs'.
            You can't teach an old dog new tricks.
            It's the 'dog days' of summer.
            I'm as sick as a dog.
            This place is 'going to the dogs'.
            Just let 'sleeping dogs lie'.
            They treated him 'like a dog'.
            It's a dog's life.
            That was 'doggone' good.
            It's a 'dog eat dog' world.

    Know any others?  You can always post comments on this blog!

The Odyssey Learning Games Connection

     It's that time of year again. . . The New York Toy Fair is next month and our family will be checking out new educational games on the market - from around the world.  It's exciting to see what's out there - that is NOT electronic and has great educational AND entertainment value!  We will be looking particularly for games geared toward math, verbal (reading, speaking, spelling, and writing), strategy, cooperation, and the very young.
    I'll report back in the next blog how successful we were.

Book Reviews for Kid's Books

Bulu, African Wonder Dog by Dick Houston (2011) for readers 8 - 12.
   The author captures a true realistic spirit in this  story of a 'wild' African dog that finds its calling as
a 'foster parent' caring for baby orphaned animals,
such as warthogs and monkeys.  It all begins when
a couple who were English police officers retire to
Africa  and adopt this unwanted terrier pup, Bulu.  
Bulu's terrifying encounters with danger will leave you looking for more books by this engaging author.  Check him out on his blog to learn about more his African safari adventures "@" //

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog by Barbara Techel (2008) for all ages. "a"
   Frankie is a 'teeny, weeny' dachshund who has an accident and is unable to walk ever again.  He is fitted with a 'doggie wheelchair' and learns to be a therapy dog.   Also, see:  Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby's House (2010).  It is an inspirational story that sends a positive message to children: if a dog can overcome obstacles in life, we all can.  Barbara has a new book for adults coming out this year (2013): Through Frankie's Eyes: One Woman's Journey to Her Authentic Self and the Dog on Wheels Who Led the Way
The Buddy Files by Dori Hillestad Butler (2010 - 2012) 1st grade and up. 

   This new chapter book (mystery) series is a welcome addition to any young reader's book choices.  Stories are told from the Buddy's point of view (a smart, brave dog) and titles range from The Case of the Missing Boy (#1) to the latest: The Case of the School Ghost (#6). 

In My Backyard

     In my last blog, I talked about bird feeders - and what I was going to try.  Well, I am still working on it - and welcome any suggestions.  I did not try the suet recipe; instead, I purchased suet - and hung out a wire feeder.  (so far, not successful - but maybe the birds aren't hungry) I saw a goldfinch the other day so I put out a thistle seed hanging feeder.  There is mild weather here, but it is early for finches.  

     My research on training puppies has brought up several books featuring different breeds, so. . .  if you plan to train a puppy, there is lots of help available.
     I created a poem in honor of the new puppy in our home.

The New Puppy in Our Home

So why have a dog, you may ask?         
Just think of the number of tasks!   
Lots of work, but lots of love.    
The answers are found up above.    

All of earth’s creatures, gigantic or small -
Our God in heaven created them all.          
Each has a purpose in life while it lives.
Each one has something unique that it gives.   

A dog gives out love with each wag of its tail.
When forgiveness is needed, a dog doesn’t fail.  
A dog may be sad when we leave it alone,      
But when we return, only love will be shown.

A dog is a speck in God’s grand scheme of things,    
We delight in the joy that it brings.     
So, why have a dog was the question
- The reasons to countless to mention.

By Joan Bock

Signing off until next time.

Be creative,
Inspire others,
Enjoy life!


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