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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Revisiting Guinea Pigs

Time to Explore

      In April, I featured my two granddaughters' new guinea pigs.  Reese turned out to be a 'male' . . . and they took precautions "fixed him so he couldn't have babies". . . but soon Hershey was expecting a baby guinea pig.  The family took it in stride, and in fact, got excited about the new addition.

My daughter created quite a haven for them with lots of places to hide. 

     Fast forward. . . .  Hershey had her baby guinea pig and it is adorable.  And . . .  she is expecting another one soon.  (The smaller one in the photo is her first baby.)  
      Reese met a tragic death when two dogs played too rough with him and broke his back.                                                                                 Mama sticks her nose up in the air when my daughter comes into the room, always looking for a treat.  They love carrots, lettuce, and watermelon.  They 'coo' when they are petted.  When Hershey's new baby comes, all are hopeful it remains one 'small' happy family.

Update:  Hershey has 4 new baby guinea pigs!  October, 2013

Book Reviews for Kids

Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst  with Lane Smith as illustrator  (Ages  7 - 9)
        Putting this magic author/illustrator team together is perfect for young readers wanting a clever, humorous chapter book.  Readers will love this 'spoiled only child' who is determined to have a brontosaurus for her birthday.  Beyond the twists the story takes, lessons are to be learned on 'how' to go about asking for something you really want.

         The newest offering by this dynamic duo is Lulu Walks the Dogs
After trying other ways of earning money, Lulu turns to walking dogs in her neighborhood although she knows nothing about them.  Once again, we find ourselves actually liking Lulu in spite of her 'spoiled, bossy' personality. Beyond her frustrations with unruly dogs, Lulu must reluctantly turn to Fleishman, a disgustingly perfect boy, for advice.  Once again, sneaking in a life lesson.


The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate  (Ages 12 and up)  We meet a lonely, caged gorilla living among other mistreated, unforgettable, circus animals.  This story was inspired by a real gorilla who spent 27 years of his life in a cage in Washington state before a public outcry allowed him to relocate to Zoo Atlanta where he lived contentedly as a bit of a celebrity for the remainder of his life, dying in 2012 at the age of 50.  What a wonderful way to introduce children to the importance of treating animals with compassion.  There is humor and emotion in this heartwarming tale.

In My Backyard

 This is the time of year to watch the geese come charging down onto the pond during their annual trek south, say farewell to the hummingbirds, and welcome the cardinals and other local birds who reside with us during the coming months.
    But the highlight in our backyard at the moment is our refurbished gazebo that we have been working on almost since we moved in two years ago.  There are days that I literally move my 'desk' outside.  The days are numbered that we will need the ceiling fan - or even the screens for that matter  - but the dog days of summer will return next year.

Until next time  . . . 

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