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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Canadian Geese, Kid's book reviews, Odyssey news, and more

Time to Explore

Here are more clever sayings - 
And. . . . I invite you to e-mail your own favorites.

Have you heard. . . Don't let the cat out of the bag.
     Or. . . .                It's like pulling a rabbit out of
                                     a hat.
     Or. . . .                He's as 'fit as a fiddle.'
     Or. . . .                A picture is worth a thousand  
And finally. . . .       Wakey, wakey, eggs, and 

Books, Books, and more books. . . . .

        Have you read one you want to share?   I welcome 'kid' reviews as well as those I find.

        This week I discovered Stella Battsstella batts This one is for the girls!  It is a new series featuring a 3rd grade girl in a typical elementary school classroom.  If you like Junie B Jones, this one if for you.  I will preview the newest in the series next month.  If you have read one of the two out there, please let me know what you think.

My love of animals - and true stories, brought me to . . . 
        Unlikely Friendships for Kids:  The Monkey and the Dove; And Four Other Stories of Animal Friendships
            by Jennifer Holland Jennifer Holland
       A chapter book for kids 7 and up, 
these charming stories focus on friendship, 
love, and the unusual ways that animals 
help one another.  
       2 others in the series are: The Dog and the Piglet; The Leopard and the Cow - and Four Other Stories of Animal Friendships.  Let me know what you think.

The Latest from Odyssey learning Games
Mark your calendars for . . . . 
Haunted Refrigerator Day
Send in your  'haunted refrigerator' picture or photo.
The winner will be chosen on October 30th.  
Click on the link to go to Odyssey and enter.
The winner receives Line Up - reviewed below. 

Line up is for 2-6 players.  
Find the suspect at 6 different crime scenes. 
Test your memory - pick the correct suspect
in your line up to win the card - they are very 
similar! A 'lucky break' could trip you up! The 
object is to collect 4 suspect cards.

In My Backyard

     It is the time of year for Canadian Geese to be on the move.  Although more geese are making permanent residences where they find plentiful food and don't feel threatened by predators - such as hunters, we still find ourselves looking overhead to watch for the 'v' formation when we hearing honking near by.  
     And so it is in my backyard pond.  I am watching four geese relaxing at the side as I write this.  I have not seen them eating grasses or berries as the literature indicates, but they do bob their heads down to eat off the bottom of the pond - could be seaweed or something in the silt.  
      Geese have particular designated areas where they stop as they migrate.  Fortunately, our pond is one of them.
      A book that will provide more insights
 on how geese live and their behaviors is: 
The Geese of Beaver Bog by Bernd Heinrich.
      After a lost gosling adopts him, Heinrich
becomes intrigued and gives a fascinating 
account of triumphs, battles, and surprises from
the point of view of biologist and 
award-winning author.   

     I would like to close with a poem I wrote in honor of Canadian Geese everywhere.

 A Tribute to Canadian Geese           

Ah, the mystic of Canadian geese.     
Each lifts high and flies in peace.
The leader seems to know the way       
Some may waver but do not stray.         

We hear their honking squawk,
Long before the ‘v’ shaped flock.
They swoop down on a rippling pond.        
To rest and find grasses of which they are fond.    

Rested and fed, with barely a sound,
They lift from the pond and then circle around.
The geese form their new ‘v’ with ease,
and glide out of sight on a breeze.
                                                    By Joan Bock

Signing off until next time.
Be creative,
Inspire others,
Enjoy life.


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