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Monday, August 20, 2012

Disney, Opryland, and My Own Backyard

Time to Explore

        Young Disney explorers love Magic Kingdom, rides of all sorts, and the wonderful trek through the wild country at Animal Kingdom.  But what excites the more mature school age explorer?
      I asked this question a few weeks ago when traveling with my grandchildren.  I heard, "We have to go back to Epcot.  We didn't finish the countries." and . . . "I liked the food at Japan."

     They also loved the new mystery game.  There are clues in different countries to solve it.  I love the way the staff is making a Disney visit more interactive.  

      If you are planning a visit to Disney World, be sure to visit 'The World According to Jack.'  It is a great blog chucked full of photos and details of all the theme parks.

    Downtown Disney is the place to explore 'themed' restaurants.  We ate at T-Rex - A Prehistoric Family Adventure.  The highlight was a fossil dig in the sand.

    Another popular 'themed' restaurant is the Rainforest Cafe.  There are 32 in the USA, so one is bound to be near you.  I am in Nashville, TN this week and I was pleased to see one in the Opry Mills Mall.  

     The Aquarium restaurant in the same mall features a 200,000 gallon salt water tank.  Guests are welcome to follow the ocean life as it swims in a large circle - even if they aren't dining.  The fish - and sharks - were up close and personal. 

The Odyssey Game Connection

Visit the website any time for these featured games and many more.  the best games offered in the market place today.   

     Chocoly is the newest arrival.  (8 & up) Yes, it's all about chocolate - a "sweet" game.  It can be a 2 player, 3 player, or 2 teams for 4 players.  Play begins with each player taking 4 tiles.  Players each place a tile on the playing surface, announcing which type of chocolate (dark, milk, or white) they will be trying to get the largest area of (all touching at least one of the same tile). 
     Players take turns placing one tile on each turn with at least one of the chocolate squares touching the same color.  Tiles are replenished in the hand each time so there are 4 - until the draw pile is gone.  There are 3 markers for each player which are used to identify stacking tiles on top of those played.
     The game ends when all 36 tiles are played.  Players count the number of connected tiles of each color.  The winner has the largest area of his/her chocolate.  It reminds me a little of Blokus - and promises to be a lot of fun.

     You may be familiar with the Spot-it! games that I call 'round tin' games.  The company has recently added Speedeebee for ages 8 and up.  There are 150 creative cards and 4 alphabet dice.  Players race to find words containing or excluding letters on the dice.  

       Shrimp Cocktail is a new ‘round tin’ game.  It is similar to Spot it! You are checking out matching shrimp that may share any of 4 characteristics –color, origin, quantity, and size.  Also contains a starfish that squeaks when you ‘haul in your catch.’ 

 My Own Backyard

            I was certain we had a snake in our pond.  I would watch it swim along with its body above water and then it would disappear.  One day to my surprise, the ‘snake’ emerged from the water and walked up the bank of our pond.  Only then did I know it was a bird.  I described it to my brother-in-law, who is a forest ranger, and asked what it was.  He immediately said, “snakebird.”  Well that certainly made sense to me. 

           When it spreads its wings, it stays very still a long time – at least 30 – 40 minutes.  While doing research, I learned that it lacks oil glands that other water birds have so it takes much longer for it to dry its wings.  I also learned that they like low, level water areas, like ponds and will stay in one area for a long time.  I hope it does.  It is a pleasure to look out and see this large bird with wings spread out staring straight ahead.  – I just hope our fish supply lasts!

I wrote a short poem about the snakebird.  I hope you enjoy it.

A Snakebird Is Coming Your Way

It’s an anhinga, a snakebird, you say.

Wait! I can see one that’s flying this way.

Dropping so quietly into the pond.

Its long skinny neck stretches far out beyond.    

It looks like a snake that’s preparing to strike.     

It dives far down under for fish it will like.

The snakebird comes out of the pond to get dry.

It flies to a tree limb that’s up very high.         

Its large body wobbles.  Its sharp webbed claws cling.

Then it spreads out each beautiful long feathered wing.   

It dries its spread wings a long time in the sun.    

Finding a snakebird can truly be fun

                                         By Joan Bock

     Signing off until next time.
 Be creative. 
 Inspire others. 
 Enjoy Life



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  1. Joan the snake bird is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. How cool you have one in your back yard. You should name the snake bird or have a contest to name him or her!