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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer interlude

Time to blog!!

I want to share  ideas and  items from my life as well as things I find on the internet.  Please let me  know if there are things you like . . or not.  I would also like to share things I write with readers and fellow writers - especially things I have published. 

                by Harlan Simantel

Aim High

Swimming is feeling grace in water
Smoothly slipping thru light blue fluid,
Propelled by kicking feet and winged arms,
Measured breathing in sync with rhythmic strokes,
swimming is a dance with slippery water, 
My partner in physical exultation

Stay Smart this summer

Fight Brain Drain 
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Open the door to fun with Mo Willem 

Discover the fun of Mo Willem's 
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Elephant and Piggie books,
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The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
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Nicola Davies,  Learn about Nature

Here is a brief introduction to Just Ducks by Nicola Davies
Check out her website for more books about nature.

Imagine waking up to ducks quacking each morning. . .
From spring through to winter the ducks are down on the river that flows through the town, preening, and dabbling, roosting, and flapping.. but most of all quack, quacking.

     This is a good place to add my poem since I too love ducks and watch them each day on our pond.  

The Friendly Ducks on the Pond
by Joan Bock

See feathers shine as this duck paddles by.
           Another one lands, diving in on the fly.
They’re strange looking ducks and Muscovys’ their name,
           They may waddle close since they’re really quite tame.  

A red crested mask accents eyes on each face.    
They keep mosquitoes away 
          from your space.
The quiet Muscovy gives 
          weak little “sqawks.”  
It’s a friendly big duck that 
          will sway when it walks.   

See them waggle their tails when they meet.
           Sometimes they bob their large heads as they greet.
They often fly up into trees for the night.
           The Muscovys are truly a treasured delight. 

Educational Games are a perfect accompaniment for summer relaxation - and yet learning.  Check out: for great games - all ages!

. . . . Until next time, signing off. . . 
 Joan Bock


  1. Hi Mrs. Joan! Beautiful blog!

  2. Love that you posted the turtle poem on your blog!